I’m Shiv. I live on the suburbs of Bangalore with my wife and our two lovely kids.

I consider myself very lucky because I got an awakening at what I now think to be the right time in my life that changed the way I was going think and live.

After working for over 15 years in the corporate world, I quit my high-paying corporate job and decided to be what I always wanted to be – a Socialpreneur.

My Story

I used to work in a job that I loved, but posed the danger of settling myself into a comfort zone. I would do a 4 and a half hours of daily commute to work (hey I lived in Bangalore!) and then spend hours in the night in teleconferences and customer meetings. I’d spend about 90hrs a week for work and wouldn’t have much time for family, friends or myself.

Then one day it happened.

I woke up in the morning not being able to move. Years of 14-15hr days and sedentary lifestyle, plus work related stress had effected my health. I had developed severe backpain that made it difficult to sit, sleep, stand or even walk.

I spent next 2 weeks in the hospital – which provided ample time to contemplate about life – something that happened first time ever in my career.

The first realization was that I wasn’t getting any younger(!) Obvious, wasn’t it. 🙂 But then I was missing the younger days of my kids. Oops, that hurt.

Then the second one hit – what would happen if I couldn’t get out of this hospital walking on my feet?

My salary would stop.

Ouch! That was harder to take.

Now was the time for the big blue crooked bolt from the sky.

“What was I doing with my life?”

It was a bit philosophical, but it had a grain of truth.

I was trading my time for money, so if I stopped working money stopped too.

I was not leaving a legacy of years and years of work. Sure I helped entrepreneurs build their companies – but it didn’t fetch me anything. Even the startup I was working with earlier had folded with the worth of 8000 shares I owned lesser than the cost of paper that declared my ownership.

I was not able to do what I always wanted – to be socially relevant, help people better their lives one way or other. Without realizing I was giving up on my dreams. And the way I worked didn’t make even my family’s life better! 🙂

I did not have financial independence. In a job, I could never have. I could not take vacation when I wanted, heck, I was not even be able to spend some quality time with my kids when they needed me the most.

Do you remember the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach just before entering the hall of that crucial examination, for which you are under-prepared? This was a thousand times worse. Because I was risking failing in life.

I needed to do something fast.

What was the solution?

I visited the only place I knew I could find information – the Internet.

I read all the ebooks I could find, the blogs, the forums and watched videos.

Over next few days I realized that the solution was simple.

I had to build passive income streams.

Streams that would generate cash month after month without requiring me to put in work every day – so I can spend, invest and use it for better things in life.

The best thing? There was no limits to how many such streams I could build. So, literally there was no limit to income.

Online Business, you beauty!

And I knew where I could not get any of this.

In the job.

Long story short, I quit my job soon, pooled in my savings and started on the journey that was to be one of the best I’ve had. Better than getting into a good college or getting married. Okay, I’ll have to take that last one back. Marriage was the best thing that happened to me. 🙂 After all it made me the man of the house (and I have my wife’s permission to say so). 🙂

For the first year and a half I made a grand total of $4.35!

But then I persisted (long story for another time) because I wanted to be successful. And I knew the path was right. I just had to figure things out.

Money-wads1And then things started to work, my education started to pay off, and cash started flowing in. 🙂

I started an Online Specialized Education company, under which I started a Project Management coaching site and in the process learned about various aspects of Online Business – Digital Marketing, Marketing planning, Execution and Tracking, Customer acquisition, Consumer Behavior study, and Conversions for Revenue increase.

Subsequently I started second entity – The Smart Online Business.

Amazing things can happen when you start with a goal of helping others, have a never-give-up attitude and keep consistent focus to learn and improve in everything you do.

Soon I was approached by a well known movie director to digitally promote his movie. As word of mouth spread few offline businesses asked me to set up their entire setup online. Complete strangers (now friends) started asking for coaching so they could replicate the model I am using and create their own passive income streams.

As I continue helping people and businesses realize their objectives, I keep dabbling in various online business models, traffic strategies and figure what works and what does not. I learn from my own failures and successes, and from leading coaches in the industry, apply them in my business, get results and then teach the same to students.

Opportunities are abundant on the internet, all we need to do is keep an open mind, keep the focus and keep taking one step at a time towards our goal.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the education (partly what happened to me and partly what I chose to learn after quitting job) – a mix of my corporate insights, Engineering approach to problem solving, Digital marketing skills, Behavioral Economics principles (from Duke University program) and results of my online business (ad)ventures so I can help individuals and small & medium businesses (SMEs) start, grow and profit MASSIVELY from their online presence.

How The Smart Online Business Can help?

Right now you could be in a job looking to build a strong passive income.
Or you might be running your own online business looking to attract right customers and increase revenue.
Or you could even be running your own business and want to get online and take your products and services in front of more people.

Whichever bucket you belong to, I am happy that you are in the right place right now. You can leverage my knowledge and results to get what you want out of life.

Please feel free to reach me on Skype (shivshanker.shenoy) or mail me any time and I’d love to connect with you.myemailid

Here’s a gift for You

Please feel free to download my book 3 Secrets Of Massively Profitable Online Businesses as my free gift to you – a book that reveals the way ultra-successful people earn online.

In the blog here you will find case studies, research findings and outcome of my experiential learning that I hope will help you. All my products, services and coaching has just one goal –
to make you successful in your business as soon as possible.

A word about my Upcoming Book

If there is single question I am asked most, especially by people working in job, is how they can do the same as I have – that is to create cash-generating passive income streams.

So I decided to write my second book.

If you are interested in my upcoming book where I show how one can easily build massively profitable passive income streams, just enter your email address here.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and I hope to see you on this site sometime soon!