Cash In Your Passion

The backbone of any business is that it should either solve a problem, address a need or make something better. It is basically about providing value to people.

Blogging also is all about providing value to people.

While writing itself is the creative part (don't worry if you are thinking about writer's block, we have solution for that as well!), the rest of it is pretty much science.

While creating the perfectly fine-tuned, profitable blogging platform and related Social Eco-system can take months (took me 8 months with 2 failures, before I hit it big with my third blog), I can create one for you in just few days.

An incredibly simple way to start your blogging journey, and the right step to earn more money online.

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.”
— Seth Godin

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I failed in my first two attempts at blogging. Then struck it big the third time. I run three blogs now, all of which are either earning me direct income or helping in 'pre-sales'.

In the process I have figured the right ways to build a profitable blogging system, including writing and monetizing elements that enable one to earn handsome income from the blog.

This could be your first attempt to building your own online business, or you could be diversifying your online business by starting a blog now. Either way, you are at the right place. Trying to figure out and building the profitable blogging system could take you months together, I will build the right blogging infrastructure for you in a matter of days.

Anatomy of good Blog

Anatomy of a blog

You blog sits on a blogging infrastructure which is built on a sturdy blogging platform.

What is involved in building a Profitable Blog?

A profitable blog has several components. Writing posts is only tip of the iceberg. People who build their blog based on the points below will typically earn more (and long term) from the blog.

  1. First and foremost is a solid blogging platform. A platform that is optimized for blogs, has best up-time, and a great customer support.
  2. You need a blog theme and logo that suits your blog topic. Also, if you are looking to start with a blog and then further sell your own services and products or affiliate products you would choose an appropriate theme that support this.
  3. You need to set up your blog in such a way that it loads fast (search engines give lower ranking to blogs that take time to load).
  4. The domain name needs to be SEO based (we'll see the reason in a bit)
  5. Your site has to be usable to reader. This increases readability, liking for your site, and chances of readers returning to your site. Your site will have to adhere to 25-point Website Usability Guidelines.
  6. Your blog platform needs to be 'hardened'. It is a process to make sure that no hacker or rouge program will hack into your blog to bring it down, or worse, use your domain to launch further attacks thereby forcing search engines to blacklist your domain.
  7. You need supporting software or services that help you write a blog for real people as well as search engines. Because a blog is not very useful if it is not attracting people. Your content might be best in the world, but if people are not discovering it amongst zillion other blogs in the same domain you will not be able to monetize your blog.
  8. I will also give you the ninja trick to automatically pull in content from best of blogs in your own domain, so you get ideas (and a bit of content itself, if you wish) to write post that is sure to be loved by search engines as well as readers.
  9. Next, you need to publish your post to as many listing/indexing services out there that make your post easy to be discovered by thousands of people.
  10. You need to build a brand around either yourself or your blog. Branding is everything for online business. Branding builds familiarity, familiarity builds trust, trust leads to loyalty and loyalty leads to sales. That is the connection.
    This we shall accomplish by creating necessary social profiles, building followers, spreading your blog posts amongst netizens and building loyalty to you and your blog.
  11. You need to locate 'hungry crowd' that is looking to buy what you are offering - your content or product.
  12. You need to build a list of potential buyers. Aweber is the best email service out there when you are beginning (in terms of price point as well as simplicity of usage). This will be integrated into your blog platform.
  13. Monetization. This is big. You could be integrating AdSense (again, getting right placement earns you the most). You could be selling products and services related to your blog topic and make affiliate commissions. The ultimate aim is to get enough right kind of people to your blog that make you money.

A profitable blogging infrastructure involves all these components. I will build it for you the right way, so you do not need to worry about the 'technical stuff' involved.

I will not only build a blogging platform for you, but also give you all the tools and techniques to make blogging a pleasurable and profitable venture.

During hand-over, I will coach you on all that you need to know to manage your blog going forward. At the end of it if you feel that you need help to maintain the blog I can provide retainer service as well.

How do we go from here?

  1. The first thing we do is to have a strategy session. This will happen over Skype (you can download it for free from internet). I will get to understand your specific needs, and give you my plan of action.
  1. We will meet at regular intervals where I show you the milestones reached (blog, logo, social presence, and so on). You can take a look at them and let me know if you'd like anything to be changed.
  1. Then the final delivery will be made, which I will demo to you.
  1. Following the demo, we will go over the steps to maintain the blog (updating plugins, and so on). Based on your comfort level you can continue maintaining the blog yourself or further opt for retainer service, where I manage all non-writing or writing aspects of your blog.
  1. Bonus: I will also give you a Skype session teaching some of the Ninja white-hat backlinking strategies so you can keep on building natural backlinks and increase your site's Google ranking. This will increase your chances of being found in readers' Google searches and increase traffic to your site!

You are only few days away from having your own professional blog built on a rock solid infrastructure, ready to be monetized. It is time now to take action.

Click on the buy-now button below to place your order. And I shall get in touch with you at the mail address you've used to place the order.


I will build your rock solid and profitable blogging business system and get you started the right way. Place your order using 'Buy now' button below and I will reach you for our strategy discussion session. If you want to reach me please email ([email protected]), or Skype me (shivshanker.shenoy).