Work With Shiv & Start Earning Handsomely Online

I am opening up my schedule for a 30 minute of friendly conversation where you can ask about anything that is bothering you in your online business.

  • Are you having difficulty attracting right customers to your business?
  • Are you thinking about starting your own profitable online business, and stuck at the starting line?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the 'technical stuff' related to your online business?
  • Are you struggling to attract customers to your site?
  • Do you want to profit from your hobby, interest or even your fear or phobia?
  • Are you looking for the BEST online business model out there, while you can afford very less time but looking to earn big?

Whatever is it that you want to know, or concerned about - now you can get professional guidance for absolutely free.

Even if you have no online experience and are looking to start your own online business, it is easier now than was ever before. And I can help you get started quickly.

Actually, this could be your best opportunity to do it the right way. At no risk to you.


Why Am I Doing This?

I understand that it is not easy building an online business. I have found it the hard way in my own business. We all need help to start and grow our businesses. A business that can give a nice income on the sides, or even replace a day-job to get us the financial freedom and comfort for our family that we crave for.

You'd be surprised to know the main reasons that is stopping people from succeeding in their business.

Often people do not succeed because they do not take action and do not seek help.

Even when they know they are stuck. This has happened to me, and if I am not careful enough it happens even now. There is a point beyond which we must seek help, else we risk losing progress in business. Sometimes, the business itself.


Because momentum is everything in online business. When you make a sale, you find out which actions of yours lead to that sale and repeat the same, and make more sales. Momentum can really take you to the next level in your business.

By reaching out to people I am making sure that I do my bit to get people out of the situation where there is no progress. I learned this the hard way until I found a mentor, almost accidentally (that's another story for another time 🙂 ).

Now I constantly seek entrepreneurs who are earning more than me and get them to coach me. This has been, as I found out the hard way, the shortcut to success - if there is one. Talk to successful people and implement their proven strategies to earn money online.

So, go ahead and make use of this opportunity. I may not keep this free service open for long, as I can spend only limited number of hours per week to coach people.

Whether you are looking to start earning online or you already have your own business, you can make a difference right now.

Feel free to reach me on Skype, on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this consultation work?

Simply click the 'Book Now' image on this page. Select a slot that is convenient for you, enter your Skype Id and top 2 things that are bothering you in your online business. Or write 'I'm just starting online' if you are just getting started (or want to) online.

How much will this cost?

I usually charge $47 or $97 per hour of consultation (based on topic and business opportunities I create during the consultation). However, this discussion does not cost you anything at all. None. Zilch. Zero. 🙂


What if I'm new online and do not know much about coding?

That would be probably the best thing for you, because you may end up saving months of time running after 'shiny objects' and empty promises. I always wished there was someone who got me started on the right path when I started online. And, no - you need not know anything about coding to get started online. I'll show you how.

Who knows, this one consultation may save you from losing out on a lot of money and time, and save you lot of frustration. Now you can get started with your online business the right way. The smart way.