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Bonus #1: eBook 'Start Your Own Internet Business On $5'

How many times did you wish there was a Blueprint that took your hand and showed step-by-step way of starting a business AND showed how to make profit? I did. Several times, when I was getting started.

This 56 page Blueprint guide shows you how to start and create a business that can earn as much as $500 per month with as little as $5. This is one of the Best practical, how-to guide, and a cool Online Business Success Blueprint.

+ How to do product research, market research and keyword research
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+ Strategies for Backlinking and beating the competition
..and more.

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Discover the insider secrets to making fast cash with highly targeted, niche profit blogs..

In this ebook you will -

+ Discover some of the hottest niche markets ever revealed for quick cash with niche blogs!
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+ The 10-minute tactic that will help you get a steady income with your blogs!

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Bonus #3: eBook 'Trade Secrets Of 7-Figure Internet Marketer'

'Trade Secrets Of A 7 Figure Internet Marketer' is a no holds barred disclosure of all techniques and strategies for making money with Online Business.

In this book you will discover -
+ Quickest & Easiest Way To Build A List
+ How to Build Buyers List for Long Term Profits
+ Putting Your Traffic On Autopilot
+ How to Build Multiple, Residual Income Streams
+ How to Work Less & Earn More
+ and practical tips to get started quickly!

This is a must-have book for all Online Business owners who want to attain long-term success.

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Bonus #4: eBook 'The 3 Secrets Of Massively Profitable Online Business'

Online business is shown to be a simple exercise where you can work for couple of hours a day sitting on a beach drinking mojitos. Well, it can be like that at some point in time, but it doesn’t certainly start out like that.

Many people want to start internet based business but don’t know where to start. Or they end up taking the route that is inefficient, takes long time to see any profits, and needs lot of investment that doesn’t give any returns immediately.

This book reveals the 3 essential secret pillars on which you can build a massively profitable online business.

You will learn -
+ Why people Fail in Online Business
+ What does a REAL business look like
+ How I used a REAL business model to make my first $1088.90 in 16 days flat!
+ Most importantly, how you can do the same. Or better!

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Mega Bonus #5: I Will Harden And Optimize Your WordPress Site

Normal WordPress installation comes will tell-tale signs that hackers use to compromise the site. Hardening WordPress is about plugging the holes a hacker can exploit to attack your site. Worst case, he can use your site to launch further attack on other sites, thereby getting your site banned by Google.

Once done I will share a document of the exact changes, you can keep for future reference.

I will also install essential plugins necessary to Optimize your WordPress site and makes it pleasure to use for you, the author, and your reader.

With all these changes -

1. Speed of your site will increase
2. You'll get to see in real-time who is accessing your site, and get notified if there is a file change or a login attempt
3. You'll get SEO help while authoring content
4. You can use Profiler to find out which WordPress plugins are slowing down the site
5. Your site will be monitored 24x7 with GoogleDocs, to get an email if your site goes down (talk to your hosting service provider if it happens often). Uptime is crucial for any site.
... and much much more.

Value: $97 (Yours for Free)

Mega Bonus #6: I will set-up your WordPress site and build any pages you need!

If you are used to driving a car and you are given a speed boat, it takes a bit of time to understand the controls and getting used to. OptimizePress is similar, it takes a bit of understanding of how each control works and some trial and error to build pages that you want.

I have put in many hours and figured out the nuances of building any pages here. I will build the pages you need to get started, may be in a day's time! Landing pages, Sales funnel pages, Blog setup - anything that you need to get started quickly - I will build it for you.

Value: $97 (Yours for Free)

Mega Bonus #7: 1-hr Skype Session To Teach How You Can Build OptimizePress Pages Yourself

Okay, I build your OptimizePress site, harden it, optimize it and get it running. What if few weeks down the line you came across a fantastic affiliate opportunity and you want to build a landing page yourself? Or you want to tweak existing pages?

I will have a 1-hr Skype session with you to teach the workings of OptimizePress - we will share the screens and I will teach you how to build stunning pages in minutes, with no technical knowledge required.

What's more? You can ping me anytime in future if you need help with creating OptimizePress pages and I will gladly help you with it.

Value: $97 (Yours for Free)

That's Over $460.90 Of Bonuses!

I donate 3% of my earnings to charity. These are 3 charities I support, as each of them do an amazing job to make this world a better place. You get to choose which one of these get part of my commission from your purchase. Please let me know which one should I donate it to.

Thank you for being awesome and contributing to the good cause!


The American society for prevention of cruelty to animals

Save the children

Doctors without borders

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